• What claims can be made for ParActin?

    Multiple human clinical studies allow for the following claims:*
    • Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response
    • Supports Healthy Joint Function
    • Strengthens Joints and Eases Joint Flare-ups
    • Improves Flexibility and Mobility
    • Maintains Bone Mass and Strength
    • Supports Muscle Health
    • Supports Healthy Immune Response
    • Supports Healthy Cartilage

  • What are the dosage amounts for ParActin?

    Typical dosage recommendations, based on traditional use and on the available scientific evidence in humans, are 300 mg daily, which may be taken in 150 mg doses twice daily. Those seeking optimum support may take as much as 600 mg daily.

  • Is ParActin patented?

    Yes. ParActin® has U.S. Patent #8,084,495 B2, Composition and Use: “Composition of Labdane Diterpenes Extracted From Andrographis Paniculata, Useful For The Treatment Of Autoimmune Diseases, And Alzheimer’s Disease By Activation of PPAR-Gamma Receptors.”

  • For joint health, what are the mechanisms or mode of action of ParActin®?

    • Inhibits NF-κB binding to DNA
    • Inhibits IKKβ
    • Inhibits COX-2 and reduces PGE2
    • Inhibits NFAT—bone erosion
    • Stimulates osteoblasts and calcium deposition
    • Decreases Rheumatoid Factor—TNF-α
    • Reduces IgA and IgM: cartilage damage
    • Reduces C-Reactive Protein
    • Promotes regulatory T cell (Treg), CD4+CD25+
    • Reduces AP-1 and STAT3 in synovial tissue

  • Where is ParActin grown and processed?

    Andrographis paniculata is widely cultivated in India, China and Southeastern Asia. ParActin® is sustainably harvested and is processed in a GMP-certified and ISO 9001-2008-certified Quality Management Systems facility.

  • Is ParActin® GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe?

    It is not GRAS for food products, but it is allowed for use in dietary supplements.

  • Who is HP Ingredients (HPI)?

    HP Ingredients (HPI) is a fast-growing research-based botanical company that offers unique, innovative, science-based, clinically proven, patented, safe and natural ingredients to the nutraceutical industry. HPI’s ingredients address today’s most common chronic health conditions; they help support optimal joint, bone and muscle health, as well as testosterone, energy, heart, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight management, brain and memory health.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • What is HPI's mission?

    HPI was founded in 2001 by Annie Eng with the goal of bringing nature and science together. Today, HP Ingredients is an innovative nutraceutical company dedicated to providing cutting-edge, science-based nutraceuticals that addresses cholesterol, blood glucose control, weight management, joint health, andropause and healthy aging. HPI believes in ongoing research and development for its premier ingredients. Working with top scientists from around the world, HPI is dedicated to providing ongoing research on its proprietary ingredients in a qualitative manner similar to pharmaceutical products. The company believes in supporting its products with proven science, bringing well-researched, patented plant extracts to the nutraceutical industry.
    The material presented in this piece is for industry education only. It is not intended to serve as medical advice. Dietary supplements do not cure, treat or prevent any diseases.

  • What is the botanical source for ParActin?

    Andrographis paniculata

  • What is the country of origin?

    India, China, Southeast Asia

  • What parts of the plant are used?

    Stems and leaves

  • What is the shelf life?

    3 years

  • What are the active ingredients?

    Not less than 50% patented extract of bioactive
    andrographolides, 14-deoxyandrographolide, neoandrographolide.

  • What are the applications?

    Nutritional supplements targeted for: sports nutrition, and support of bone, joint, muscle, relief of aches and discomfort, and immune health.