How to Breathe Easier During Flu Season

It’s scary, each year, when flu season hits. There is no way to completely prevent a flu from occurring, but there are ways you can boost your immune system to more effectively and valiantly [...]

How to Prime Your Immune System

This month is not just for Halloween – it’s also the typical “get your flu shot” month.   Acccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), flu season primarily occurs during fall and [...]

HP Ingredients Announces Publication of New ParActin Study

Researchers show improvements in knee mobility   BRADENTON, FL – Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients has announced the publication of a new study showing that ParActin® (a patented extract of [...]

ParActin®:  Muscle Health and Recovery

ParActin® is a patented extract of Andrographis paniculata, standardized to andrographolide, 14 deoxyadngrographolide, and neo-andrographolide.  Muscles are susceptible to damage, just like other [...]

For Women Only: Bone Support

It’s interesting how the phrase “it has good bones” is now popular to mean that anything older is worth salvaging because it’s structure is still solid and sound.   As we age, women in [...]

NeuroActin was awarded a patent

Bradenton, FL — Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients Corp., has announced that the company’s NeuroActin® was awarded a patent — US 2015/0352075 A1 — for its potential use in [...]

Flexible and Strong: A shift In Ingredients That Address Bone, Muscle And Joint Health Is Underway To Meet The Interests Of A Broadening Marketplace.

As reported in Nutrition Industry Executive: The Ache: For all its benefits, there is a down-side to getting physically fit. Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients in Florida said as more Americans are [...]

Happy Joints Happy Life

As reported in Natural Products Insider: A patented extract of Andrographis Paniculata (as ParActin™ from HP Ingredients) administered at 100f mg/d for 14 weeks decreased the intensity of joint [...]