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At HP Ingredients, one of our core distinctions that directly affect consumers is our patents and patents-pending. Through these tools, we provide transparency, and the patents and patents-pending also provide market distinction and unique brand positioning opportunities for our customers.

Anyone can supply or sell or broker ingredients. Building a product around generic ingredients places tremendous responsibility for the finished product manufacturer’s marketing team to craft a unique brand positioning and portfolio.

This is where patented ingredients come in, and HP Ingredients is driven by investments into patenting its ingredients not only for our partners’ product distinction, but to prove that quality of science and consumer safety is a priority, allowing for the trust relationship to be more easily and soundly built between the manufacturers and its customer base.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in the early 2000s, teams of scientists produced 64 percent of all scientific papers and teams of inventors were behind 54 percent of all patents. By the second half of the 2010s, these figures had grown to almost 88 and 68 percent, respectively.

For dietary supplement manufacturers supplier patents provide incentives for R&D, such as marketplace recognition, accelerating returns on investments. A patent allows HP Ingredients’ customers to gain more exclusivity and to develop a stronger market position. Economists Khan and Sokoloff noted that the combination of patents and startup manufacturers led to more jobs and economic growth.


HP Ingredients’ Patent Portfolio

HP Ingredients’ worldwide patents cover a range of its signature branded ingredients.


LJ100® Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia): For men’s health, fitness for men and women, and immune support.

“Eurycoma longifolia extract and its use in enhancing and/or stimulating immune system” — #EP 3 193 898 B1, 1-20-2021 (Europe), #MY 174661-A, 2-10-14 (Malaysia)


IQ200™ Kesum (Persicaria minor and Polygonum minus): For supporting cognitive and memory performance, mood regulation, inflammation control and immunity:

“Extract of Polygonum minus and use thereof” — #MY-170000-A, 6-19-2019 (Malaysia)

“Composition for cognitive and cosmetic purposes” –# US 9.877.993, B2, 1-13-2018 (United States)

“Composition for cognitive and cosmetic purposes and use of said composition for preparing an agent” — #MY 172154-A, 11-14-2019 (Malaysia), #6228211, 10-20-2017 (Japan)

“A composition for treatment of deficits in learning and memory” — #EP 895 143 B1, 7-4-2021 (Europe)

“Anti-inflammation composition comprising an extract of Polygonum minus” — #MY 160747, 3-15-2017 (Malaysia)


ParActin® Andrographis paniculata: For immune function and inflammation management, joint and bone support in dietary supplement use. Patents (below) are for specific health detriments.

“Composition of labdane diterpenes extracted from Andrographis paniculata, useful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer disease by activation for PPR-Gamma receptors” — #8,084,495 B2, 12-27-2011 (United States)

“Combination therapy with interferon and andrographolides for multiple sclerosis” — #9,060,994 B2, 6-23-2015 (United States)

“Treatment of Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment with andrographolides” — #2015/0352075 A1, 12-10-2015 (United States)

“Andrographolide treats progressive forms of multiple sclerosis” — #WO 2017/214346 A1, 12-17-2017 (World Intellectual Property Organization; international)

“Natural and Synthetic Andrographolides Compounds for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophies United States Patent Application” — #15/976898 (US)


Bergamonte® bergamot polyphenolic fractions: For cardiometabolic support, weight management, liver support.

“Phytocomplex from bergamot fruit, process of manufacture and use as dietary supplement and in the pharmaceutical field” — #EP 2 364 158 B1, 8-29-2012 (Europe)

“Novel extracts of bergamot orange, combinations thereof and formulations containing them” — #EP 3 415 156 A1, 12-19-2018 (Europe)

“Extracts of Citrus aurantium var. Bergamia, combinations thereof and formulations containing them” — #WO 2020/021425 A1, 1-20-2020 (World Intellectual Property Organization; international)

“Compositions for treatment of the menopause, osteopenia and osteoporosis, and menopause-related metabolic and vascular disorders” — #WO 2020/144588 A1, f7-16-2020 (World Intellectual Property Organization; international)

“Extracts of Cynara cardunculus and Citrus aurantium Bergamia, combinations thereof, and formulations containing them” — #WO 2018/189672 A1, 10-18-2018 (World Intellectual Property Organization; international)

HP Ingredients’ patent portfolio is continually growing, as there are more in the works and several patents are pending. For example, ProteoActin™ is a topical containing standardized extract of maqui berry that triggers proteostasis renewal and has cell-regenerating and wound-healing properties. ProteoActin™ inhibits NF-Kappa-Beta, the master inflammatory switch in the skin, to help reduce inflammation and redness. ProteoActin™ additionally has direct effect as an antibacterial and anti-parasitic.


At HP Ingredients, science never sleeps. Email us at for more information and studies.


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